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About ANoelleJay

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I Alicia Noelle Jones, am an independent Fine Artist and Designer.


I was born in Jamaica and currently live in Brooklyn New York. I create acrylic paintings and watercolors. My designs show the archetypes of my Caribbean roots, combined with the culture of living in Brooklyn. The environment fascinates me and is a big source of my inspiration. I love to experiment with techniques and bright colors. 


I started ANoelleJay in 2014 to show my paintings to the world and it has developed not only into a way to create imaginative paintings, but also into fashion design and home décor. 


The tricky thing about nature is its variety and its vastness. There is so much of the earth that we have never seen and cannot possibly ever see in this lifetime. As an artist, I hope to create a little bit of that wonder. My current collections as well as my works in progress can be seen here:


When I started ANoelleJay, my goal was to either create a new piece every week or to finish an old piece. This not only forces practice, but it also focuses the mind on setting tangible goals. Since then, creating has become so natural that my aspirations are larger, and yet I am still accomplishing them and very happy doing so. 


To accomplish my goals, I needed to push myself beyond my comfort zone. The uncomfortable zone is where magic happens, where a little bit of glory dwells, and being willing to embrace that stretching process produces success.

I am very excited about where my art will lead me and really hope that even more people will get to experience and enjoy my work. The next goal is to get my original art and home decor into every home physically, in publications, and on your screens via movie & TV sets!

I accept commissioned works, I enjoy creating your vision with you.

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Environmental Considerations - Featured on GILT with Curioos.

April 2021

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

4.24.2021 I painted with the AOC team and community children in partnership to celebrate The Green New Deal. I enjoyed being able to combine my passion for art and environmental activist for Earth Day in Astoria Queens NY!


April 2021

Donated Art

In support of Brooklyn Bridge Park & earthday my print East River NYC was sold @ auction congrats to the winner!

February 2021


I was featured among 26 Black Artists That'll Help You Start Your Own Art Collection. To help you #BuyBlack today, tomorrow, and always.

Black History Month 2021.

December 2020


My painting Christmas Candy Cane Red Stripe was featured in the December HGTV Magazine! I am truly honored by all of the blessings I have had with my brand in 2020 and I look forward to even more stars to shine brighter in 2021.

August 2020

Urban Outfitters

Shop my Urban Outfitters collection launched Aug, 2020 online worldwide! Click the UO image in banner above. ​This season has been very exciting for me, starting with the amazing BLM collection with Shop VIDA and more!

July 2020

Black Owned Business

The Black Owned Association USA has my featured listing. As a black artist it has become very important to join my voice with others highlighting their businesses and craft. For too long we remain stifled. It is time to create the tables and sit at them. Visit my listing and support!

Read about ANoelleJay

Find my interviews here:

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NYC East River Waterway Environment BY A
AOC 4 24 2021.png


  • On May 22nd I supported New York State Marine Education Association (NYSMEA) at their "It's My Estuary Day" in Kaiser Park, helping kids to learn to kayak and enjoy their neighborhood environment hands on.

  • I am honored to be WizForm's Featured Creator of the Year!

  • Heath Gallery Showing, May 8 - May 29th, 2021. Select paintings (some you know & some you don't) are on sale at Heath Gallery (24 W 120th street, Harlem, NY)

  • Happy Earth Month! Do something today for the earth, reduce, reuse, recycle! Thrift stores, donations, buying my artwork that spreads a message about the importance of our planet - Everything makes an impact.

  • 4.24.2021 I painted with the AOC team to combine art and activist for Earth Day in Queens NY!

  • In support of Brooklyn Bridge Park & Earth day my print East River NYC was sold @ auction congrats to the winner!

  • BUZZFEED press feature for Black History Month 2021, I'm listed as #25:

  • Shop my Urban Outfitters collection launched Aug, 2020 online worldwide! Click the UO image in the banner below.

  • The 2020 season was very exciting for me, starting with the amazing BLM collection with Shop VIDA and I was also blessed with a Popsugar feature of one of my paintings! I have more to come in 2021, stay tuned!

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